strong girls

NANA girls. This is all about strong girls. What do we mean with strong? Girls who have their opinion. Who do not follow what others expect them to do - or at least they follow those opinions and feel good about it. They know what they want in life. They do not need a boyfriend to carry their bag. Or take care of them. They like having a boyfriend in their life as equals. They love being with their friends. They love speaking their mind. They do not necessarily need to be famous. Why would you be famous? Strong girls are strong by themselves. They do not let shape their being through others. They shape it themselves. They think farther and more about what they can do - how they can help. The world does not revolve around themselves. The world just revolves. 

NANA girls. Or boys for that matter. They carry their own flair. They have their own style. Nobody who dictates, and even if someone would dictate - NANA girls would have their own opinion and decide whether they want to follow or not. 

NANA girls can think for themselves. They know what they want out of life. How they will help others. How they will respond to friends, family and relationships. 

NANA girls are the girls who are going to have a positive impact on the world. It doesn't need to be big, having an impact on just one person is already enough. As long as there is positive intent, the impact will follow from that. 

NANA girls are here to stay. NANA girls in China. NANA girls in Europe. NANA girls in the US. We see them everywhere. We love them. And we will feature those strong girls all on this blog. Maybe a bit slow, but only real inspiration and real strong girls that are featured. So they can be an inspiration for so many more. So they can set an example and so that they can lead the way to a better world, with girls who are independent and strong

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