How old is Maia Mitchell and why the F do people care?

Alright, we're writing this article because we did some competitor research and saw that a lot of people (girls, we assume) are searching "Maia Mitchell" on the internet. 

How old is Maia Mitchell?

A quick google search session show that Maia Mitchell plays Callie Adams Foster in the tv show "Good Trouble", foster kid who graduated UCSD Law school and working as a law clerk. Maia Mitchell, or Callie Adams Foster, is the foster sister to Mariana Adams Foster played by Cierra Ramirez in the tv show. Mariana Adams Foster is a software engineer and graduated from MIT. We're only a couple of episodes in, but the show mainly revolves around Maia Mitchell or Callie Foster - being a law clerk at day, and dating hot buys at night (Gael Martinez, played by Tommy martinez, and Jamie, played by Beau Mirchoff)

Maia Mitchell Good Trouble

Although we love to highlight the positive of the tv-show ( #bodypositivity #LGBTQ #racismontheworkfloor #genderequality #thegenderpaygap #racialinequality are all addressed - and we applaud these!), we had one burning question: Why does the show revolve around a big-breasted, cute-faced, caucasian girl? 

We don't understand: isn't her foster sister, Mariana Foster, the newly MIT-graduated-alternative-universe-Facebook-employee-battler-of-female-and-racial-inequality-rights-sister, the more interesting person to highlight? Why would all so-called "hotties" fall for the tall white girl, when her sister (in our eyes) is much more talented, brighter and better looking? It made us wonder, is it just us, or does it have to do with Good Trouble's writers ? 

 Writers of tv show Good Trouble

Apart from Wade Solomon.. maybe.

When deep diving a little further and looking into Good Trouble's producers

Executive producers Good Trouble

Wait.. is that Jennifer Lopez as executive producer? 

Jennifer Lopez Good Trouble Maia Mitchell

Apparently.. yes. Yes it is. 

This still leave the question mark: why not put Marian Foster, the smarter, better-looking, more diverse half or the two as the lead in the show? 

Obsess much? 

When looking at both's statistics on ahrefs, a keyword tool, we saw that 

  • Maia Mitchell receives over 67.000 searches per month, while her foster-sister
  • Cierra Ramirez "only" a mere 28.000 hits per month

Of course there are many factors to consider - Maia Mitchell playing in  considerable more tv-shows, having had more appearances and being an musical artist as well. But is it possible that thát, as well, is caused by her appetizing features? And so the circle goes round again. 

What are you trying to say here? 

Ok, we admit, we drifted a bit away here. What we're trying to say is that we have great admiration for "Good Trouble" as it covers many topics that are relevant in today's society. And we applaud Maia Mitchell for being a hot piece of woman (now you mention it, if you mistook Maia Mitchell for Selena Gomez and/or Kendall Jenner, then you are not the only one) acting it out as a ballsy lawyer. 

But we wouldn't have minded her latina foster-sister to take the grand role. Cozying it up with hottie Gael and good guy Jamie.

While you are already here

Googling "how old is Maia Mitchell*?" we'd suggest taking a look at Greta, Kicki, bad-ass Michele or Sammy-Jo. Equally bad-ass and maybe even more inspiring than your average Maia Mitchell. 

But.. how old Maia Mitchell ? 

Maia Mitchell was born in 1993, making her 27 as we write this article.

Art work by Lucia Jimenez

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