A Tribute to our Asian Strong Moms


We are thinking of writing a feature on our moms. Moms who are fearless. Who have gone through more hardship than we have ever in our 30'ish years. Struggles we do not even have to think about. Political unrest. Hunger. Dictatorship. Feeling and immigration to another country. Moving away from family because you need to. Trying to build up a future for your family, yourself and for your own safety somewhere else around the world. 

We sometimes forget. We just forget. We're faced with it on a daily basis: our moms and we just take them for granted. Take their stories for granted. Sometimes we take a step back and we realize the hardship they've gon through. That whatever problems we are facing right now - are minimal. They are not related to whether there'll be enough food tomorrow, whether family members are still alive in a month and where money will come from for the coming days. We worry so much about careers, postponing pregnancies, training our bodies to become model-fit.. and we just forget what our moms have been through. 

Strong moms are resilient. Strong moms defend their families. They protect their families. They care too much, they care 24/7. They're always there. They'll do everything for their children and they'll always want to provide. Cause they're your mom. And you're the most precious in their world. That's how they were raised. Your children are the most important to produce and to care for in this world. Let nobody take that away from you. Cherish them, pamper them, raise them an give them everything. Teach them what is right, what is loyal, what it means to have respected and how to show respect. Show them you need to care for your community. That it's not only about yourself as an individual but about your community, your family, that is what counts. 

Asian moms who spend most of their years in Europe, outside of their home country, away from family and friends - all to raise you and to uphold the family. moms who have given everything and never, never, complain. They just work, they take it all in, they are at peace, they appreciate the little things in life.

Cherish these moms. Respect these moms. Give them everything they need and desire, cause they've always done it for us. They've giveN their lives for us and the least we could do is repay them in ways we can. 

Moms, we love them.

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