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Jay Shetty and Deepak Chopra

  We listened to Jay Shetty and Deepak Chopra talk in Jay Shetty's latest podcast. 👩🏻‍🏫Chopra mentioned his colleagues were embarrassed by him when he sided with spiritualism and alternative medicine rather than Western medicine. He didn’t take their judgement too seriously and pushed for his purpose and became the source of inspiration he is today.  💁🏽‍♀️What would you do knowing nobody would judge you?

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A Tribute to our Asian Strong Moms

We are thinking of writing a feature on our moms. Moms who are fearless. Who have gone through more hardship than we have ever in our 30'ish years. Struggles we do not even have to think about. Political unrest. Hunger. Dictatorship. Feeling and immigration to another country. Moving away from family because you need to. Trying to build up a future for your family, yourself and for your own safety somewhere else around the world.  We sometimes forget. We just forget. We're faced with it on a daily basis: our moms and we just take them for granted. Take their stories for granted. Sometimes we take a step back and we realize the hardship they've gon through. That whatever problems...

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strong girls

NANA girls. This is all about strong girls. What do we mean with strong? Girls who have their opinion. Who do not follow what others expect them to do - or at least they follow those opinions and feel good about it. They know what they want in life. They do not need a boyfriend to carry their bag. Or take care of them. They like having a boyfriend in their life as equals. They love being with their friends. They love speaking their mind. They do not necessarily need to be famous. Why would you be famous? Strong girls are strong by themselves. They do not let shape their being through others. They shape it themselves. They think farther...

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