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Inspiring Women for Women's day | The Asian Edition | Part II

This is part II of our "Inspiring Women for Women's day" online magazine series. If you haven't read it, find "Inspiring Women for Women's day" Part I here. Jennifer Rubio - Co-founder of travel brand Away How Jen Rubio inspires women around the world on Women's Day She worked for several global brands before but then decided to start her own luggage & travel brand. Jen Rubio and Steph Corey's execution of the vision to deliver world's best travel essentials for an affordable price has been tremendously successful  She uses her platform for good too: Jen is supportive and frequently supports and matches donations to good causes (BLM and the recent violent attacks on the Asian elderly in the US) She...

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Peggy Gou / Just Gou'ing It

😍We have a girl crush. It's Peggy. Peggy-effing-Gou. This brilliant Berlin-based Korean DJ is taking the world by storm and we are fangirls too. 🦹‍♀️It's not only for the fact that Peggy is one of the few female successful DJs (talent and perseverance), has flawless skin (genetics and great maintenance) or even for the fact that every outfit she wears seems to be impeccable (greaaaat taste).  🙅🏻Gou started off quite similar to most Asian kids: her parents sent her to Europe to learn English. She then decided to study fashion but soon realized it wasn't for her and switched to music and moved to Berlin. There she worked in a record shop day-time and at night on her own music - all with the...

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