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Greta Thunberg: saving the world and literally being cool

  🌎 @gretathunberg She made caring for the environment cool. She made Asperger’s cool. She made being smart cool. She made being an activist cool. She made taking the train cool. She made having her facts straight about emission levels and international reports cool. She made pushing for climate change on the political agenda cool.⠀💁‍♀️She made Sweden even cooler. She makes youth cool. Actually.. she’s more than cool. Cool might even be an insult. Greta, she gives us hope. She’s that spark of hope of the next generation will not only be selfish, will not only care about #instafame or ask for botox injections for birthdays.⠀✨Greta is a spark of hope that gives us hope that kids out there are growing up cooler, smarter,...

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