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😍We have a girl crush. It's Peggy. Peggy-effing-Gou. This brilliant Berlin-based Korean DJ is taking the world by storm and we are fangirls too.

🦹‍♀️It's not only for the fact that Peggy is one of the few female successful DJs (talent and perseverance), has flawless skin (genetics and great maintenance) or even for the fact that every outfit she wears seems to be impeccable (greaaaat taste). 

🙅🏻Gou started off quite similar to most Asian kids: her parents sent her to Europe to learn English. She then decided to study fashion but soon realized it wasn't for her and switched to music and moved to Berlin. There she worked in a record shop day-time and at night on her own music - all with the goal to become the first Korean DJ playing at Berghain.

💪🏻Now, next to being a successful DJ, Gou is paving the path for female artists in her industry through her own record label - Gudu Records. If that wasn't enough, Gou also started her own clothing line - Kirin - with prints and designs that will make every girl feel confident and fresh AF. 

👨‍👩‍👧Coming from an Asian heritage, we can guess what society, parents and friends expect an Asian girl to behave like and pursue (ergo get married young, birth the next offspring, find a partner that can sustain your household, be a straight-A student and make $$ thru a corporate or medical career). Being a world-famous DJ with a record ánd fashion label definitely does not occur in that Asian top 3. 

⚡️We love how she carved her out her own path, stayed true to herself and does it all with this cool air of no stress and no looking back. 

Peggy Gou - Starry Night - Last girl standing

One detail we loved from her latest video: the last girl standing

👀Check out Peggy Gou's Instagram here

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