Kicki Yang: picking up where her mother left off

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“Doctor, lawyer or engineer - you choose” - that is in summary what many immigrant kids will hear when their parents lay out their future career choices for them. When you’re young your parents are you everything and your ultimate source of wisdom. And they might’ve been right, in their times, but we can see that nowadays there are so so many more options that can bring a happy, satisfactory and sustainable future too. 

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Kicki Yang, Shanghai-born and Germany bred, was on her way following the conventional Asian path: speaking fluently German, Mandarin and English, perfecting her piano skills, ready to follow the Asian beauty standard to undergo double-eyelid surgery (Google it, it’s a thing) and specialising to become a chemical engineer following her parents’ career paths: a conventional,  sensible and stable path. Her dad studied computer science and her mom specialised in electrical engineering. Kicki suspected though that her mother secretly just always had wanted to study art. Art, however, was not a specialisation that could sustain a household and career while coming from communist China during the social revolution. 

While growing up as a Chinese kid in Germany Kicki didn’t know where she belonged to and used art and creativity to help her explore her own identity and heritage. Where her mother left off with an interest and passion for art, Kicki picked up and continued to carve her own path quitting college and focusing on her true passion. Today she uses her digital platforms to express creativity and her identity but also to speak out about social matters, in specific racism, and setting the example to create a sustainable future through living a vegan lifestyle.

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The “little dumpling" has amassed an impressive digital following and she noticed herself that her followers are mini-versions of her: Asian and born abroad. So she tries to be a bigger sister to them and create a positive impact. She wants her digital siblings to know that they’re not alone, that it’s possible to be in this industry éven if you’re Asian and that you truly can become anything you want in life as long as 

“You just need to do it and put yourself out there. I feel like that’s what everyone should do instead of just talking about stuff. Ánd don’t care what people think about you.”


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