Inspiring Women for Women's day | The Asian Edition | Part II

This is part II of our "Inspiring Women for Women's day" online magazine series. If you haven't read it, find "Inspiring Women for Women's day" Part I here.

Jennifer Rubio - Co-founder of travel brand Away

Jennifer Rubio Jen Rubio Founder Away Travel

How Jen Rubio inspires women around the world on Women's Day

  1. She worked for several global brands before but then decided to start her own luggage & travel brand. Jen Rubio and Steph Corey's execution of the vision to deliver world's best travel essentials for an affordable price has been tremendously successful 
  2. She uses her platform for good too: Jen is supportive and frequently supports and matches donations to good causes (BLM and the recent violent attacks on the Asian elderly in the US)
  3. She invests in female founded companies 

Jennifer Rubio, started her career working at Warby Parker and with a couple of other pit stops in between, then took her knowledge to build the world-famous travel and luggage brand “Away”. 

Sophia Li - Environmentalist, journalist & film maker

Sophie Li environmentalist, journalist and film maker inspiring women

How Sophia Li inspires women around the world on Women's Day

  1. Fighting for a better world by raising awareness around climate issues
  2. She is avid campaigner to raise awareness discrimination against Asians
  3. And brings awareness around white supremacy and what we can do against it 

All in all, Sophia Li is an explosive ball of activism for the good. She welcomes discussions on topics that are often hard to coin and makes them accessible for everyone to watch and be educated on. 

 June Quan - Restaurateur & food blogger

June Quan food blogger Stir and Style

How June Quan inspires us on Women's Day

  1. Went off the conventional lawyer path
  2. Started her own food concepts 
  3. Eats, eats and eats and then works out  

June Quan is an ex-lawyer who gave up her corporate job and started her own food concepts with her husband: a Matcha tea concept for home, a food catering company and a LA twist on Japanese mochi x Hawaiian shave ice cream. Next to her food concept start ups, June has become quite the IG influencer herself too.

Vicky Tsai - founder of Tatcha

Vicky Tsai Tatcha Make Up inspiration women's day


How Vicky Tsai inspires us on Women's Day

  1. Was told she wasn't good enough in her performance review at Starbucks
  2. Was told by investors she was not adequate enough as CEO
  3. Was acquired by Unilever for $500 million 

Vicky Tsai is the founder of the Japanese Geisha inspired skincare brand “Tatcha”. She was a trader at Wall Street, brought Starbucks to China and employed by a Silicon Valley start-up before she started her own skincare brand. We were inspired by her determination while going through multiple backlashes and rejections (rejections by her former companies, her investors and even her husband in the beginning. For more listen to Guy Raz' podcast with Vicky Tsai on How I Built This)

Payal Kadakia - Classpass Founder

Payal Kadakia founder classpass

How Payal Kadakia inspires us on Women's Day

  1. She's from an immigrant background and found a balance between her Indian roots and Western environment 
  2. Although laughed at at school, she continued her passion for Indian dance, which consequently brought her to starting up ClassPass
  3. The first version of her company was a failure - but they were quick to pivot to transform it into the success it is today 

Payal Kadakia's story is all about hard work and passion, while mixing her Indian roots with a Western upbringing. Payal studied at MIT, worked at Bain and Warner Music and then started Classpass, which had to pivot 5 times before it got where it is today. 

Kim Ngo - Fitness Instructor

Kim Ngo accountant turned into fitness instructor

Why Kim Ngo inspires us on Women's Day

  1. She's The Pull Up Queen on the Gram
  2. Quit her day job as maths teacher to pursue her passion in sports and is now killing it as an Apple Fitness instructor
  3. We see a pattern here, but: she is a food lover and knows how to balance it with sports 

Kim grew up in London and while being a maths teacher realized she would rather chase her passion (next to food) into sports. Kim's instagram is one fire hole of fitness inspiration combined with some Cali sun. 

Peggy Gou - DJ

Peggy gou inspiring women dj asian women

Why Peggy Gou is inspiring on Women's Day

  1. Peggy Gou is breaking barriers for women in the music industry
  2. She also paves a path for Asian women in the the international music industry
  3. And shows that it all can be paired with fashion 

 If our Peggy Girl Crush wasn't obvious already, let us iterate again: we adore miss Gou. Too cool for school. One of the first global recognized female Asian DJs. She doesn't take herself very serious and shows that hard work pays off. And the girl has some great ambitions too. We love ambition.

Amber Akilla - DJ and Creative Director

Amber Akilla LGBTQ DJ and creator in shanghai

Why Amber inspires us on Women's Day

  1. Amber Akilla graduated law but decided to follow another part embarking on a journey as creative director, dj and community founder of NVSHU in Shanghai 
  2. With NvShu女术 she aims to facilitate the conversation around connection and empowerment around LGBTQ in Shanghai 
  3. Her insights and views on life she shared during an interview that are perfect Women's Day Quotes

“The things you’ll get made fun of for will be the things that build your career. Keep learning and developing your understanding of the world and continue to be kind to yourself and the people you encounter on your journey, keep having a sense of humor towards life and maintain standards and self-respect”

“Sometimes I think we’re conditioned as women to compete with each other but when we work together we can create such powerful bonds and accomplish amazing things.”

“There is always opportunity in struggle and discomfort.”



What are you thoughts about the above inspiring Asian women. Let us know and if you have any other suggestions let us know in the comments below ⬇️

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