Inspiring Women for Women's day | The Asian Edition | Part I

Good Women: A list of inspiring women from around the world 

Women's Day is around the corner and we wanted to contribute to the ode of good women that have come before us and inspired us all. While there are no "Woman's Day Magazines" out there yet, we would like to believe we are an online publication of it representing the women in the world we look up to.

The list was infinite when we started compiling for "a list of women that inspire us". From ancient queens like The Spanish Princess to journalist that dare to speak out, like Ann Curry, to To-All-The-Boys-Lara-Jean-Covey played by the talented Lana Condor. From fictional characters, like Maia Mitchell who plays a devoted lawyer that battles for human rights and Beth Harmon, the chess prodigy that battles an insane appetite for chess, alcohol and painkillers to today's rays of sunshine like Radhi Devlukia. 

Too many inspiring women in the world, too little time

That is why we have chopped up our list of inspiring women into seperate parts. Find the 4 inspiring great good amazing women for Women's day that we have selected at NANA and stay tuned for the continuation of the list of #inspiringwomen.

Puno - from I Love Creatives

Why she's inspiring:

  1. she's an entrepreneur
  2. she is creative
  3. she doesn't take herself too seriously 

Puno is a Korean go-getter living in Los Angeles. A digital creative who started an entire business giving online design courses. Her graphics and videos are funky, giving courses in what she specializes is thé 2020 millennial epitome of creative entrepreneurship, her idea to spin off a job board on her site is exactly what serial entrepreneur Andrew Wilkinson would have recommended, and to be utterly plain: she is cute. 

Puno from I love creatives

Sophia Chang aka Esymai

Inspiring because

  1. she's an entrepreneur
  2. she is creative
  3. she is hustling her way through creativity 

Sophie Chang has been on our #stalklist for a while. Her doodles and illustrations are unique and are amazing, she's great at branding herself and she has the best sneaker collection.  She turned all of the above in her career and hustles: a print magazine (@undoordinary_), sneaker marketplace commonace,  and media platform (@theloop)

Sophie Chang Esymai #bun The world's borough shoot

Yin aka Nelly Yuki 

Inspiring because

  1. she is feeding the Asian elderly free meals
  2. she is a queer Asian who is open and proud of it 
  3. she uses her platform to speak up against racism and to bring forth more positivity in the world  

Next to Ed Westwick, yes #teamChuck here, can you remember the Asian girl, Nelly Yuki, from the Gossip Girl cast? Her real name is Yin and her reality alter ego is much more interesting. Yin and her partner Moon Lynn Tsai have been feeding the Asian elderly free meals during the COVID-19 pandemic under the umbrella name "Heart Of Dinner 愛心餐". The two partners have fed over 56000 elderly in New York. 

Yin and Moon Lynn Tsai New York Heart of Dinner asian elderly Gossip Girl

Eva Chen

Inspiring because

  1. she left medicine for fashion
  2. she published 4 children's book while at her job and having to take care of 2 kids
  3. she still manages to look #fire while doing all of the above 

Eva Chen was, like many Asian kids, encouraged to follow a conventional safe career and studied to become a doctor. She found herself being a "square peg in a round hole" and left her career in medicine to work in fashion. She has gone from working at Elle, Condé Naste and the Wall Street Journal to being today's director of partnerships at Instagram. She had 2 babies while working her way up, and wrote 4 children’s book in the meantime as well. 

Eva Chen from Instagram as inspiring woman for women's day

Stay tuned for our next volume of inspiring women for Women's day  

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