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She lived in a neighbourhood with high levels of poverty and crime. Police had evidence two men were selling drugs from her house. The judge even granted a “no-knock” warrant to enter her house (if a judge does that it must mean it’s serious business right???). Also, let’s not forget that Kenneth, her boyfriend, fired a gun at the police first. If that wasn’t convincing enough yet: both Kenneth and Breonna were black.

They got them. The drug dealers. They got them good - shot her 8 times (sure she won’t be dealing any more drugs from her house) and got him arrested for assault, that’ll learn him for shooting at police officers. Good riddance.

Seems we got it wrong.

Breonna wasn’t dealing any drugs from her house, she was asleep. She wasn’t a drug dealer, she was an Emergency Room Technician (apparently the kind of person that saves other people’s lives). Her boyfriend didn’t shoot the police first, he shot the burglars who entered his home in the middle of the night. Breonna wasn’t white and the policemen weren’t black.

We’re more aware of it than ever because of media, the internet and the ease of broadcasting. But it’s also easier than ever to turn a blind eye, switch to another channel, unfollow those accounts, not be affected by all of this and crawl back into our own holes of safety and comfort. The easy thing to do. The “comfortable” thing to do.

Instead of being comfortable we’ll not make any assumptions and get our facts straight. We’ll read one more book, listen to one more podcast, watch one more Netflix documentary and we’ll donate and match any sales through our website with donations to BlackLivesMatter. One little thing at a time.

We’re saying your name Breonna Taylor, we will remember you George Floyd and we won’t forget you Tony McDade #blacklivesmatter✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #breonnataylor #saytheirnames #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatterart #whiteprivilege

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