Peggy Gou Ear Cuffs

Peggy Gou Ear Cuff Earrings


We recently featured an article on Peggy Gou already. Read the article on Peggy Gou here.  We love how she is paving her own path, not standard to any social norms (nor European, Asian or Korean) and love how she laughs through life. 

Next to being an excellent DJ we also love Peggy Gou's style. Her own clothing label, but also the minimal jewellery she wears. When seeing Peggy Gou her ear cuffs or earrings do not go unnoticed. Whereas normal earrings go through the little punch holes in your ears, Peggy Gou's ear cuffs go through the conch of the ear.  It's an entirely unique look and we love it. Peggy Gou's earrings are the perfect accessories to any occasion - something Peggy Gou has proven by wearing the ear cuffs to DJ gigs, Vogue fashion shows but also just showing up in her ear cuffs at breakfast. 

We loved it so much, we now also offer the Peggy Gou ear cuff/earring on NANA, shop Peggy Gou's style here

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