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We adore Haily Bieber - next to the fairytale story of Haily meeting Justin as a fan first and then eventually getting married to each other because they're each other life partners is just 💯💯💯. 
Next to the amazing story, we're also a fan of Haily Bieber's looks. She seems effortlessly cool and always chique - of course styled by the great Maeve Reilly but nevertheless cool AF. 
Justin Bieber heads to a spa with 'birthday gift' Hailey After celebrating another year of life night into the night, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin headed to the spa together on Sunday in Los Angeles. #birthdayoutfits
Hailey Bieber style 1 - Love it 
Hailey Bieber look numero Deux: love it even more 
Hailey Baldwin Updates on Twitter: "Hailey Bieber arriving at Voda Spa in West Hollywood, CA. (February 1, 2020)… "
Hailey Bieber look numero 3: does she even put effort in styling herself? 
STYLECASTER | outfit ideas | outfit inspiration | winter outfit ideas | cold weather outfit ideas | ootd | street style | Hailey BieberHaily Bieber relax look LOVE it 
At NANA we offer the Hailey's Iconic Safety pin earrings to recreate and finish her iconic looks. Look no further! 
hailey bieber saftey pin earrings

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