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Haily Bieber's safetey pin earrings | Get The Look

We adore Haily Bieber - next to the fairytale story of Haily meeting Justin as a fan first and then eventually getting married to each other because they're each other life partners is just 💯💯💯.  Next to the amazing story, we're also a fan of Haily Bieber's looks. She seems effortlessly cool and always chique - of course styled by the great Maeve Reilly but nevertheless cool AF.  Hailey Bieber style 1 - Love it  Hailey Bieber look numero Deux: love it even more  Hailey Bieber look numero 3: does she even put effort in styling herself?  Haily Bieber relax look LOVE it  At NANA we offer the Hailey's Iconic Safety pin earrings to recreate and finish her iconic looks. Look no...

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Peggy Gou's cat eye sunglasses

By now you must've noticed we are Peggy Gou #fangirls, we wrote an ode to Peggy Gou here. We started to offer Peggy Gou earrings and Peggy Shirts, but now we also offer Peggy Gou cat-eye sunglasses. Peggy Gou has previously partnered up with Ray Ban sunglasses and brought out her own line of Peggy Gou sunglasses. Peggy Gou confesses to having a collection of more than 400 sunglasses. Now you can shop and look like Peggy flaunting your cat eye sunglasses here at NANA. Shop Peggy Gou inspired cat eye sunglasses here.

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Pegg Gou earrings

Peggy Gou’s golden ear rings are one of her signature looks. Shop your golden solid Peggy Gou ear cuffs here at NANAnation.  Peggy Gou has collaborated with brands in the like of Nike, Louis Vuitton, Ray Ban and Potato Head Beach Club in Bali.  She claimed just to have started so we are waiting and are excited to see what’s next for little miss Gou. Get inspired and finish your look with these Peggy Gou earrings. Shop Peggy Gou’s ear rings here

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Peggy Gou Shirt

Peggy Gou is known for her boyish and happy clothing styles. When Peggy isn't rocking the latest Louis Vuitton, Nikes or her own Kirin designs, she will be wearing a nice and relaxed Hawaiian men's shirt. Perfect for summer days to breeze through or for a techno night out. Peggy Gou is seen in these Hawaiian shirts often when she stands behind the tracks entertaining crowds in Ibiza or Pattaya at Circo Loco or at this year's NYE party at Potato Head Beach Club Bali. Peggy Gou has collaborated before with Potato Head Beach Club in Bali to design her own Hawaiian shirts that incorporated a vibrant Balinese twist with traditional motifs and animal illustrations.  Shop your own Peggy Gou shirt here now...

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